Have you ever heard of the mindfulness practice called "metta?" It's a magical, mysterious and yet super scientifically validated way  to actively engage the power of kindfulness, compassion, connection and curiosity in our every day experience.

Please note - when I use super scientific in a sentence, it's important to remember that my most robust scientific training was a D in 10th grade biology, and a college religoius studies elective in Challah making, in which my professor constantly remind us we weren't baking, but rather, doing culinary science.  (thanks Mr. Luberstein!)

The good news?  Through the practice of metta,  we can literally "re-wire" the parts of our brains that regulate positive emotions and pro-social behavior.

In early January, we're going to be doing a fun 11 day "challenge" (we are calling it the magical metta mercenary miracle challenge, because we are that confident that it's the absolute easiest way to completely transform your life using a very active, engaged and non passive form of mindfulness meditation....AND, no one will even know you're doing it while basking in the benefits of your practice :)

Self compassion, and self love are very tricky subjects. Many people find it much easier to step UP and serve others, while completely overlooking ourselves)

The 11 day metta challenge will be held in our private members only area (you'll have 11 days to interact with others doing the practice with you) and will be led by several long term meditation teachers in our extended community. (it's 100% free - but you need to sign up for it, AND..... if not enough people want to take part in the group we won't do it)

Are you in?  Here is a rough outline of the 11 days of practices.  (each day we'll be focusing on one specific way for generating "metta" first for yourself, and then for others)

day 1 Generating loving kindness for yourself
day 2 Generating loving kindness for your younger self
day 3 For your future self
day 4 For yourself being loved by others
day 5 puppies!  ( OR KITTENS if you're a cat person :)
day 6 For your disowned selves (broken, angry unevolved)
day 7 For the body parts that sustain you
day 8 For a stranger
day 9 For a difficult person (may they not feel hate when it's a problem)
day 10 For a disaffected group (social metta)
day 11 For all people  (all beings)

Extra days -

Mantras and Mudras (Find it on your fingers tether it to your toes)

An introduction to Tonglen (learning to use the breath to transform suffering into healing)

Jamai Vu (the mindfulness of beginnings and endings)