(Share Your Single Favorite Mindfulness Tip for Navigating Life When The World Falls Apart)

  1. For:  Mindfulness teachers, trainers, leaders, authors & researchers.  
  2. Share:  A one sentence mindfulness quote, practice, or technique that has inspired or impacted your life during difficult times.  (it doesn't neccessarily have to be something that has helped you navigate THESE difficult times.....but something that has landed in your life and helped you navigate a challenging moment in your own life)
  3. How:  Email us (hi@mindfulmarketplace.com) and we'll publish it on our community blog, and add it to an upcoming free ebook we'll be giving away to over 3000 subscribers on our mindfulness and spiritual growth based newsletter.   (you can also tweet me personally - @ianhollander - and i'm happy to include both your tweet, and your profile, as your submission)
  4. Don't forget: Include your name, your website url, or your preferred social media platform and we're happy to include a link to the best place for folks to learn more about what you, and if applicable, your professional practice.