#1. I can’t code. And, if I try, what takes other people 4 hours, takes me 4 days. And although we’ve all had plenty of time to waste in recent months, who wants to spend their free time hacking and whacking your way through learning worthless new skills in a pandemic?

Let’s be honest, those Dexter re-reruns aren’t going to watch themselves. (PS: Who else remembers when Jimmy Smits was a sexy b*tch?

Spoiler alert — season 3. Don’t say i didn’t warn you. #straightdudeswithmancrushesonjimmysmits)

#2. Carrd is like crazy affordable for developers. You can literally build, develop and launch 100 sites in a year for a few hundred bucks, total. That’s crazy talk. And i love crazy talk. I also love steak ums’ beef sheets. (100% all beef, baby — who knew?)

Plus, it allows us to pass on the savings to our clients, which means we can offer high end design on a bootstrap budget.

#3. Carrd is at bottom, a conversion centric publishing platform. What does that mean? Who knows? We internet marketing people like to use weird, wonky and wobbly words to say otherwise easy things.

Ever read Hemingway’s one sentence short story — “For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.” ? Pure simplicity in a sentence, right?

I go the other way and use so many extra words it makes my own head spin. My therapist says that it’s the unfortunate collision of when a large vocabulary collides with a small mind. I have absolutely no idea what that means. It’s like a zen koan with a fortune cookie insult in the middle.

If you want to actually create a landing page or website that does something (like moves, motivates and inspires someone to call, email, share or buy) a highly focused, one page landing page is the easiest way to make it happen in a hurry.

#4. The Carrd community has created some beautiful, cool, creative and colorful premium templates.

You can buy these for the cost of a few cups of coffee. (okay, expensive coffee, but who likes shitty coffee in 2021? I don’t and you don’t either)

You do have to look a bit to find them. We bought a small collection of carefully curated premium templates from a handful of world class designers, and we’re able to customize those for our own clients and community.

I get compliments all the time on our Carrd websites — and i’m a design dummy. It’s the designers skills hat make me look good.

And as a middle aged man with a poofy post pandemic man bun and a drinking problem, anything that makes me look good is a win.

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