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Five reasons you really need to add a circle to your online course community .

Hi all -this is Ian from mindful marketplace and welcome back to service scale this is our private community podcast where we look at what can you borrow to build what can you leverage to launch what makes you look like a superhero a wizard a wonder canned or a magician in your niche market vertical or industry

So today I wanted to cover some of the better reasons why starting a circle community and circle the software as a service that allows you to create a Facebook like community for your courses for your your your books whatever it is that you're doing in the world you can add a circle in a skillful way to augment improve and ultimately Transform the experience that folks have with your your content, whether that again is of course a book or some sort of other leadership style content

Adding Community regardless of the platform is a really really great idea and in my view Circle is the best idea for those of us who want to incorporate Circle cell number one you can charge more for your courses and this is empirically true that if your having a problem selling or pricing your courses in a profitable way for your brand or for your business adding a community element is the easiest way adding the appearance of value so whatever it is that you're offering whether it's a short video course whether it's a audio course which we're doing lots of when you add the ability for your members Actually join a community to discuss the contents they are much more likely to perceive that to be a much more are you not attractive proposition rather than just taking a course that ultimately they're sort of left to your navigate on their own and I'll give you a little bit of experimental evidence that we've had that you know just with some of the things that we're doing we're creating these tax base courses now so that's actually the courses are delivered via SMS rather than through a LMS at so people are getting these on the phone and one of the things I was worried about was what would be able to charge as much for that sort of course like 10 days worth of text messages that teach a topic or that might even have really valuable contact I think I was concerned that the mechanism or mode of delivery that people Getting this on the phone with diminish or depreciate the appearance of value but as soon as I added this and at you not only we got the tax course but you also get a PDF of all the individual lessons some interactive multi media that comes in with a course that you know you can let that links out of the tax but you also get all this to you are you going to ask us why private community just including those words and then doing a little bit of a walk-through of what the community look like on the backend was really transformative in terms of the appearance of value people were a much more receptive to signing off once we added community all right so you can charge more for your course is number two people truly are inspired by words but they are transformed through experience and experience is best delivered in a group Online  learning is a broken modality online .

  1. and I said that badly but you're learning things through the static short of your teachable courses or Podia courses or videos where everything is that you're kind of getting this in a discounted push that you and you don't really have a good opportunity to really interact with it other than Lexi asking the teacher question right but people are transformed through actually living with other people who are going through the same content or cohort or community together and this is really this is my yeah fact this is really a true empirical thing that's been studied over and over again the people not only self-report but the evidence suggest that people learn best through experience together right and this It's really kind of quite salient now with your kids in in in in the various shortcomings that the zoom classes any sort of online modalities have presented unique challenges for children because kids learn best in community right now obviously a circle community is still a virtual community but it is much different than actually just getting Contin pushed at you right from her in a one directional way OK number three your community becomes a contact generation machine right so I'm not as yoga I certainly am not really interested in talking about those sort of things like search engine optimization but user generated contact is really like having a full-time writing team generating unique contact for your brand your blog your business etc. your community Is benefiting from the fact that your audience your your members are writing contact or sharing unique content that is going to get crawled and search by Google and various other search engines it's going to be shared and picked up on social media and all kinds of different ways and people are sharing the contents and it just becomes almost a kin to having a staff of riders working on your behalf simply because you have an audience who is engaging with your community and engaging in a way by by creating the contact that is a permanent part of your of your circle community and of course yeah that is valuable I mean you have people pay enough for contact marketing agencies that won't do as good of a job as natural contents that's created in a Organic way by dental arts natural conversation all right number for your building an asset right so actually you are whatever you're doing a circle community or any community is actually a kin to like building real estate on land that you are so you're actually creating value for your platform that's really going to allow you to exponentially increase your income maybe not immediately right maybe you're not gonna see that 10 X bump immediately break couple years down the road if you stick with the circle community and you have no 100 members today 800 members seven months from now 3000 members in a couple years with all this content and all of this organizational structure with spaces in and topics and all that sort of good good stuff you can sell that It has value in the world in a niche in a market in a industry whether it's a local thing that you're building whether it's a course community I've been impressed by how many brands I'm seeing have are using niche community software now very successfully to add tons of value to their their platform and I might just talk about circle I've seen this one tribe there are some companies using mighty networks that I've done is very successfully others that I've seen using buddy price and I've actually worked with people using buddy price were really quickly developed in a valuable asset by having this sort of niche community ethos and approach at work and their brands of business and Leslie number five the circle members only community is awesome so when you join circle as a as a owner

As someone who is running the software for your own community you also get access to their their private entrepreneurial community of other circle users and I can't tell you how impressed I've been at the quality of people who are present in that forum and you have really you have access to all of these minds were doing really interesting things in the world often very different and in general,  building very different things in the world.  

Unlike lots of other communities like this,  i'm finding far fewer of the  online marketing kind of guru you know charlatan types - intead, you are connecting with  people who are really passionate about building all sorts of meaningful things in the world.

I've seen people and interacting with those who are building nonprofits and service related businesses businesses that work with homeless populations and empower people in all sorts of very cool and creative ways.

I've learned some great things, simply through observing interacting with and reading some of the strategies that others are incorporating into building their own communities.  

I think that's all really really exciting and in general, it's really a great time if you've ever wanted to build a niche business or a publishing platform having this sort of of of software that is available to you to incorporate into your thing is really really a blessing.

Circle is not super expensive.  You can start for free , and then it's $39 a month on the basic tier that's really what I recommend people start with if you have a more audacious or ambitious plan you may want to start with the Middle plan which is a little bit more money I think $79 a month but it really gives you an incredibly robust in a piece of software that allows you to do things that at least I couldn't dream of building on my own really in a turnkey sort of way.

so if you're interested in starting circle you can use our Mindful Marketplace  affiliate link below if you do that send me an email ian at mindfulmarketplace, - either one of those works and I'm happy to send you some extra in a worksheet and workflows and things that we're doing better been quite successful really really early on.

So thank you so much for listening again this is Ian service scale teach what you know do what you love wake up the world with your work thank you so much for listening and I'll talk to everyone tomorrow