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The Breathing Festival brings you over 50 of the world’s leading breathworkers and experts in the field of breathwork.

Learn to tap into the magical power of your breathe to optimize  just about any element of your life you'd like to improve.   If there has ever been a moment in human history where cultivating a more intimate command of the breath has been more relevant, more salient, and more pressing to understand .....I think we can agree, that moment is now.

Join us at The Breathing Festival from February 11-28, 2021.

Learn from over 50 of the best experts in breathwork on the planet. Take part in empowering discussions, life-awakening breathing experiences, tools for everyday living, conscious music, cutting-edge breathing technology and more. Tickets start at only $11 for a full 12 days of access to lectures, experiential sessions, tools, tips and tricks you can use to Change your Breath. Change your World!


Learn the science and philosophy–both mainstream and cutting-edge–behind breathing and breathwork! New lectures will be released each day of the Festival. Your esteemed teachers and lecturers include neuroscientists, medical researchers and philosophers. Notable topics include: polyvagal theory, heart rate variability (HRV), coherence (intrapersonal and interpersonal), technology and apps for personal use.

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Join us for an experiential and transformational breathwork session each day of the festival! Each session lasts 90-120 minutes. Your breathwork journey will be expertly guided by one of the world’s top teachers.

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Tools, Tips and Hacks

Learn practical breath techniques you can start using right away in your daily life, techniques and practices that will help you diffuse anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression. You will learn how to raise low energy or mood, increase concentration and productivity, and perform at higher levels in your sport. Toolkit sessions will be released every Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the festival. Sessions last 25 minutes with a live Q+A via Zoom chat (the following day after recording broadcast) for VIP attendees.

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Sunday Afternoon Panel Discussions

Join a group of The Breathing Festival presenters each Sunday for a roundtable discussion moderated by Breath Mastery’s Dan Brulé. Topics include (week one) Safety in Online Breathing, (week two) Breathing with Children and (week three) Bringing Breathwork Home featuring breathwork pioneers in Cuba, Hong Kong, New Zealand and South Africa.

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Every Saturday during The Breathing Festival, at 9pm ET / 2 am GMT, join us to combine music with breath, singing and dancing to original music by some of our favorite conscious artists