For authors, mindfulness teachers, and aspiring online creators who are looking to teach your first course in 2021, Podia is our top recommendation.  (we use it ourselves, and a good portion of our Mindfulmarketplace course community runs on Podia)

We are big fans of Gumroad as well, and they've really improved their platform in impressive ways in 2020, with many cool and creative iterations and improvements on their way in 2021.  

That said?  Podia is:

  1. Fee free  (they don't charge a transaction fee on your sales.  Gumroad has various fee structures depending on the type of plan you're on)
  2. Podia offers the ability to customize and edit your storefront in so many cool and creative ways, as you can see in the short video, below.  (I recorded this to show off the new Podia editor, but even the "old" editor was incredibly powerful, and a lot of fun to use)
  3. Podia also doesn't change the price you'll pay predicated on how many subscribers/members you have.  Gumroad, which is 100% free when you first sign up, does end up getting a bit pricier when you add members, subscribers and customers, which can fairly quickly add up to significant monthly fees.

If you're interested in teaching a mindfulness, personal growth or spiritual development course in 2021, reach out to us ( and we're happy to help!

Check out our Podia storefront below.

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