NEWS!  We’ve just launched a brand new idea incubator and brand accelerator for online entrepreneurs sick of slow.     If you’ve been a perpetual procrastinator, a dilly dallier, a “wantreprener”  (somewho likes to talk the talk, but has never really walked the walk :)  this is for you.

Working together by phone and email,  we will Ideate, create and publish your first product, program, course or coaching program in 72 hours.     In only 3 days, you will have a product for sale, and an evergreen content marketing system s to serve your audience, and scale your business for weeks, months and years to come.

Who:  We conceptualized this offer for everyone who wants to build the eaiest passive income channel on your professional platform.

It’s the ideal approach for professionals who work in a 1 to 1 capacity - but want to migrate to a 1 to MANY style platform.   You will expand your brand, increase your influence and learn how to create an unlimited amount of passive income streams without gimmicks or guru’s.  (and without expensive tools or tech)

What you’ll need:  a phone (to talk to me) a piece of paper and a pen, a willingness to work, the ability to follow directions and a sincere desire to serve your clients, customers and community.  

(you’ll also need about 60 minutes to create a master outline we call a “Content Cornerstone” which will be the firm foundation and the growing, flowing and evolving edification of your experience and expertise in your niche, market or industry.  Dont’ worry, we’ll work on this together as well.

 Our goal is to completely disrupt, democratize and simplify the process by which everyone can earn an income selling information, content or coaching online.

How to sign up:  Email for details.  

I’m looking for about 20 people who want to work with us (and me directly) during the Spring and Summer of 2021 and stress test this offer and are serious about launcing a profitable publishing platform in the next few weeks.

Questions?  Reach out to me directly -, or on Twitter