What does the world look like when you sneak a peek through someone else's eyes?

How does our experience change, when we truly try to look out of the world through the eyes of another?  

I've often tried this practice in my own life, walking around and about in the world....trying to visualize what it is that someone else sees in the same places and spaces we share together, if only for a moment.  

For me, it helps break the monotony of my own inner experience, which is usually a meandering, mindless rumination of the same selfish concerns, worries, fears, phobias, anxieties and the endless stories I tell myself about myself, and the others who appear in the movie of my life.

When I'm mindful - and I do this practice with persistence and intention - seeing the world, if only for a moment, through someone else's eyes is the most transformative form of mindfulness there is.  The same awareness is present in all of us - denuded of the specific circumstances and situations, the habit patterns and particular personalities - we're all fundamentally the same.  

We all want to be happy.  To be healthy.  To be fearless.  And to be free.  I can only speak for myself, of course - but an attitude of curiosity, is the quality you want to cultivate to live a more mindful, kindful and compassionate life.  

When I can't find compassion in my arsenal of available attitudes to extend to another, when i'm being the best version of me (which ain't often) curiosity is always my go to move.    

And compassion, curiosity's closest cousin,  is always a short walk away.  

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