Mindfulness for Children
Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness. It can help parents and caregivers, too. Here are tips for children and adults of all ages for how to be more present.
mindfulness guides for kids

We're super excited to be working on ZenfulKiddos, a new mindfulness app for children coming out in March of 2021.  

But in the meantime, we're getting a lot of resource requests for mindfulness tools, tips and techniques that parents, teachers and mentors can share with the kids in our care.

We'll be sharing some curated resources and recommendations here on our blog.

If  you have any books, toolkits or recommended resources for teaching mindfulness to children, feel free to share by emailing us (hi@mindfulmarketplace.com) or visiting our partners page (http://partners.mindfulmarketplace.com) and fill out the form.

mindfulness skills for kids