"Mindfulness is holding the Experience.  Kindfulness is holding the experiencer." - Kristin Neff

If there is one positive to emerge from spending months in some form of "lockdown" or physical distancing, it's the more transparent dialogue around mental health that's finding it's way to the forefront of public discourse.

The stigma around talking about our inner lives, and our inner struggle, is lessening a bit more every day.

There is something about sharing one's struggles, open and honestly, without fear of being "othered" further, that can be incredibly helpful, hopeful and healing.   We have some great resources coming in Feb of 2021 for those who could use a little helping hand when it comes to changing the conversation with the voices in our heads from anxious and critical.....to one filled with self compassion and acceptance.

In the meantime, check out some mental health news, views and resources from around the web, below.