MindUP | 15 Easy to Implement Lessons
The MindUP Program is a universal evidence-based SEL program that consists of four units with 15 sequenced lessons for children in Pre-K through 8th Grade.
Goldie Hawn's MindUP website is a great resource of fun, creative and helpful video lessons for teachers, kids and families looking to incorporate more mindfulness, kindfulness and connection in classrooms, and homes.  

Well worth checking out if you are looking to teach mindfulness to kids, or are a parent or teacher looking for evidence based mental training.

A richer learning experience for students and teachers

MindUP helps teachers create an optimistic classroom characterized by focused attention, gratitude, empathy, and connection to others.

About MindUP | The Goldie Hawn Foundation
The Goldie Hawn Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded to help children develop the mental fitness necessary to thrive in school, work and life.