Quick overview:

The Rock Star Result:  (for authors, teachers, trainers and inspirational entrepreneurs)

The transformation turnstile has a before and after moment, and a rock star result - they walk out differently from how they came in - it has a clear leader, a clear deadline, a clear outcome, a clear number (scarcity) and a clear demarcation/before and after moment in life that can be traced back to the experience,

Clear leader is you.
Clear deadline is when the transformation is guaranteed to take place.  (should have a time value - e.g. - you'll finish your first book in 90 days)
Clear outcome - the thing that will happen within the deadline.
Clear number (the invitation should have scarcity - we're looking for 10 people to do x)
A clear before or after moment:  (a bucket list goal)  your life looks different after achieving this goal (e.g. - you are a published author, before you were a hopeful author)