Listen:   Learn everything you need to know to start a brand new business as an empath, healer, therapist or spiritually sensitive entrepreneur.

  • 1.  A completely free set of tutorials (updated weekly here on our blog community, and delivered by email) on building your brand, business and career as an empath, healer, spiritual teacher, lightworker or inspirational leader.  
  • While we will be sharing some unique mindfulness, meditation and spiritual growth techniques you can use in your own life, and practice.....the core components of this course are ENTREPRENEURIUAL in nature.  This means, we'll be teaching you how to do everything from starting a profitable blog, writing a book that actually makes you money, teaching online courses, and in general, completely transforming your experience as an "enlightened" entrepreneur.
  • 2. We'll be offering a premium, private, interactive community for those of you who want to interact with teachers, and each other....ALSO designed to help you quickly, easily and ethically build your brand and business as an enlightened entrepreneur.  
  • This will include a private podcast with audio courses that you can access from your phone (or anyplace you listen to podcasts) - updated several times a week.  This is designed for those of you who are ready, right really turn your natural gifts into a profitable career, and are serious about starting now.