Short moments, many times.  Mini moments of mindfulness, metta, magic and mojo.....many times a day.  

This is the core approach to this practice.

This is designed to be a portable practice.

Off of the mat, and into the world.

A metta mercenary is a silent ninja for good.  A silent soldier spreading the magic of loving kindness, compassion, curiosity and connection to everyone we see.

We hope you'll join us, below!

Day 0: Metta for Melvin: The Loving Kindness Mindfulness Technique That Could Change the World (& Will Change Your Life)
If there is such a thing as the ultimate disruptive innovation – that technological discovery that promises to shake up the world, it ain’t gonna be found in the Tesla, or the concierge car on demand or that magic app only an aha moment and one silicon valley savant away.