metta mercenaries

metta mercenaries

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Short moments....many times. Learn how to fall back in love with your life and the wild, weird and wonderful world around us all. You'll learn super simple mindfulness based loving kindness practices that are powerful, portable and super easy to incorporate into your every day interactions and life overall. The magic of "metta" is a super power for transforming conflict into compassion - and will make you happier, healthier and wealthier in all of the things that matter most. Join us!

Interdependence Practice:  (Making Space for the Stories of Others)
by ian hollander & Community Programs — 1 min read

Interdependence Practice: (Making Space for the Stories of Others)

What does it mean to say that we're all "connected?"  Lean how to practice the mindfulness of connection, compassion, curiosity and community through setting intentional awareness to the idea of interdependence. Audio: Who did you a small service or kindness or favor?...

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