Our Done WITH You Collaborative Content Marketing Service Can Help

Listen to the podcast episode for more on our 3 day Collect, Connect and Convert content collaboration service for aspiring authors, teachers, coaches and inspirational entrepreneurs.

We'll help you create your content cornerstone and set up your entire  entire teaching platform in 2 90 minute phone consultations.

Includes a Keyword research report for your niche, market or industry (ideal for creating your very first course around your personal passion, or professional expertise)

Together, we’ll sketch out your courses on the phone.
We’ll sketch out your transformation turnstile.
We'll sketch out and identify your transformational trigger.
We'll identify the rock star result you offer your audience, or quintessential client.
(the clear result, clear leader, clear deadline, clear limit and clear before and after bucket list moment you offer your clients)

The turnstile has a before and after moment, and a rock star result - they walk out differently from how they came in - it has a clear leader, a clear deadline, a clear outcome, a clear number (scarcity) and a clear demarcation/before and after moment.