Exercise:  See something as is it's the very first time.  Look at someone you love as if it's the very first time you've laid eyes on them.

Taste something like it's the first time it's crossed your lips.  

Touch someone as if it's the first time you've felt them on your fingers.  

And then reverse it.  Eat something as if it's the very first time you've tasted it.  Look at someone and ask yourself - what would this feel like if it was the last look?  The last touch?  The last kiss?  

Through the power of that perspective, there is a magic to every moment - stripped of the staleness and the bereft of the boredom that befalls much of life, for most.....a new sense of urgency and appreciation begins to seep into every experience.  

Life is magic - infused with novelty, meaning and new experiences in every moment.  This practice helps remind ourselves of that - and has the added benefit for being a lot of fun as well.