The good news & the bad news about practicing mindfulness


What does "mindfulness" feel like?  Is it a thing?  An experience?  A way of being in the world?  Or simply a catch all phrase that everyone uses these days, simply because it sounds smart, and sophisticated to seek it out?

Our goal as a community is to completely disrupt the ways people think about the idea of what it feels like to be "mindful."     Real mindfulness is magic.  It will completely transform your experience of the world.  (and of yourself)

But the way most people "teach" it, even some of the more popular authors and influencers who have good intentions and mean well......only scratch the surface of the real power behind the practice.

it’s not enough to have a few stolen moments of Zen, here and there.

If you want to wake up, if your hair is on fire with a deep desire to live with more presence, more purpose, more power and more peace… need to truly transform how you gaze out into the world.

Neurons that fire together, wire together. This is not a passive practice - it’s an active, engaged and deeply intentional way of being in the world.

We’re always meditating on something. We’re making and molding, shaping and shifting our minds - hour by hour, breath by breath, thought by thought, moment by moment.

Contrary to much of the stale sort of head scratching advice you'll find online, real Mindfulness isn’t about closing your eyes, and drifting away.

Try this: the mindfulness of beginnings and endings - look at someone you love today, and picture seeing them for the first time. feel what that feels like - to see someone you truly know all so well -and see them, really seem them, as if it was the very first time you’re gaze has found their face.

See if you can notice 3 new things about them - things that may be new, or slightly different, or may be always obvious - but that you hadn’t paid close attention to, ever before.

Now imagine it’s the last time your gaze will meet their face. How does that change the way you look at someone you love. Your attention, suddenly, swifly and al together now fericely focused and intense, alive, bright and acutely aware of how important this moment is, how magical it is, your senses alive with gratitude, love, appreciation and the recognition that this moment - right now - is the only moment that matters.

This is the magic of real mindfulness.

And t feels good. It does good - you’ll cultivate more calm, more more curiosity, more connection and FAR more of the kind of clarity that COUNTS - simply by changing how you pay attention to the places and spaces you find yourself facing, everyday.

The good new is, it’s easy It’s a practice. And you can get good at it. And even if you're not right now, you can always begin again.

Your life is always and only - ever now.

So just start now. It’s the only space to start.

And no matter how far at sea you’ve been, come back to where you are, in this moment, and like the rest of us, just begin again.