The Mindfulness Movement
Available to stream now for $7/Rent or $14/Buy. From Executive Producers Deepak Chopra and Jewel, comes THE MINDFULNESS MOVEMENT, a feature documentary (100 minutes) that examines the growing number of people throughout society who believe mindfulness - a peaceful quality of attention anyone can dev…

Created by Executive Producers Deepak Chopra and Jewel,  THE MINDFULNESS MOVEMENT, is a fascinating documentary that details the sea change in American attitudes towards the spectrum of mindfulness practices (from contemplation, prayer, meditation and expanded awareness)

Learning how to cultivate more compassion, connection, gratitude, empathy and understanding for ourselves and others, is at the core of a skillful mindfulness practice.

Featuring Deepak Chopra, Jewel, Dan Harris, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Daniel Goleman, Sharon Salzberg, George Mumford, Tim Ryan, Bill George, Diana Winston, Richard Davidson and others on the "spiritual" path, this 100 minute documentary will change the way you think about mindfulness, meditation and living with compassion, in an increasingly complex world.